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David Hines - Nebula (2005) [flac]
21.01.2017, 17:02

Исполнитель: David Hines
Альбом: Nebula
Год выпуска: 2005
Стиль: Fusion
Формат: flac (image, cue, log)
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 50:06
Размер файла: 360 mb
01. Skippy
02. Q
03. Toe Nail
04. Nebula
05. Lucia
06. No Loops
07. Neuro Man
08. Antillia
Allan Holdsworth - guitar
Steve Kirby - guitar
Steve Hunt - keyboards
David Hines - bass
Steve Michau - drums
==================================================================[spoyler=David Hines - Nebula]
   Born to famous opera singers Jerome Hines and Lucia Eyangelista, David Hines, a gifted cellist and pianist as a child, has pursued jazz, fusion, and the bass guitar since the age of eleven. Hines attended Berklee College of Music and the Manhattan School of Music, and a few of his early influences include Weather Report, Return To Forever, the fusion period of Miles Davis, and jazz bass legend Stanley Clarke, whom he received private lessons from in the 1970's.
   With Nebula, his debut solo release, Hines shows his versatility as a player. His intonation and voicings on the fretless bass are innovative and precise. Along with Steve Hunt on keyboards, Steve Kirby on guitar, Steve Michaud on drums and a guest appearance from fusion-guitar legend Allan Holdsworth on two tracks, Nebula fuses energetic fusion with tasteful jazz stylings throughout. The opening "Skippy" cuts right to the chase, unleashing upbeat rhythms, flying bass lines and an inspired Holdsworth solo ties it all together, while tracks such as "Toe Nail" and "Neuro Man" take a more atmospheric approach. Hines' bass work is well-rounded, seamlessly creating both limber fret runs, and atmospheric tones when needed.
   Co-produced with Hunt, who has also worked with fusion giants Billy Cobham and the aforementioned Holdsworth, The eight tracks on Nebula display both inventive song structures and intricate arrangements.



...Among his principal musical influences, Mr. Hines lists Miles Davis, Weather Report and Return To Forever, but only the name of Chick Corea's ensemble occasionally comes to my mind when I listen to "Nebula". Overall however, this stuff is so unique that any common comparisons would be redundant regarding it. It's not the outfit's declining to use the riffing structure of Return To Forever or The Mahavishnu Orchestra, and it's not the absence of brass instruments (which are an essential part of Miles Davis's creation) or swingy rhythms (typical for Weather Report) here that determines the originality of this music...
...All of the compositions are brilliant, showcasing the superbly tight and diverse, truly ensemble work in the arrangement and in the performance, which more than vastly distinguishes David Hines's debut outing from the average solo album. All you need to love this stuff is a minimal knowledge of an improvisational harmony or at least a correct perception of it, though for many of you, "Nebula" might become that essential bridge between symphonic and jazz music, which will lead you to the wonderful (and highly progressive) world of classic Jazz-Fusion-Rock...


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