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Monti Amundson - Somebody's Happened To Our Love (2007)
25.07.2009, 21:06

Исполнитель: Monti Amundson
Альбом: Somebody's Happened To Our Love
Год выпуска: 2007
Стиль: Blues Rock 
Формат: mp3
Битрейт: 320
Время звучания: 35:52
Размер: 75 mb
01. Hello Sundown  Bell/Jones  2:38
02. Somebody's Happened to Our Love Amundson 3:19
03. Let Me Know Small 3:03
04. Red Room Small 3:01
05. On a Roll Small  4:52
06. Plain as Day  5:42
07. Six Shots     Amundson 3:51
08. What's It Coming To Amundson 2:30
09. Woe to Me Amundson  4:15
10. Thinking About Crying Small 4:30
Monti Amundson - guitar
Danny De Vijlder - guitar
Bart Kamp - bass guitar
George Reithoffer - background vocals
Boyd Small - drums
================================================================[spoyler=Monti Amundson - Somebody's Happened To Our Love]   Whenever Monti Amundson is compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan or Johnny Winter he will politely say thanks. But actually he has developed a style all his own. Next to the aforementioned guitar heroes, influences of Texas rocker Billy Gibbons, B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and countless others can be heard in his passionate play. That seamless blend of all those influences, together with Montis clear vocals, yields his unique sound. And the man is back. 'Somebody's Happened To Our Love' is an album with a true blues sound, slightly less permeated with the rock that characterized earlier albums. And it does feature the return of the freshness with which he assaulted European blues stages for the first time, 15 years ago.
   A freshness that has now kept him from worrying continually about what a song should sound like, but which enabled him to thoroughly enjoy spending just a couple of days in the studio with his tour band, armed with quite a few great ideas for this new album. Monti is first and foremost a live entertainer. Whatever the character of the song, Monti will grab the audience by the throat! Years of continuous touring throughout Europe and the States have gained him immense crowd response and an ever-expanding fanbase. Small wonder when a big man plays his music straight from his big heart...

"Monti Amundson is sincere and flawless with an expressive voice and an authentic and heartfelt presence.”
Freeway Magazine, France

"A colossal vocalist, a superb guitarist, Monti left every single person in a state of shock - it was unbelievable! If you’ve heard the word then you know the big man is a must see.”
Gazette Des Gazzelles, France

"We’ve heard the future of blues and his name is Monti Amundson.”
Music and Media, Germany

"Drawing energy from the crowd, Monti Amundson’s battery charges throughout the night, consistantly throttling blues in true break-neck speed. This guy is going places.”
Joey Scruggs, Bluesnotes, USA

"Monti Amundson plays with a power and commitment that can’t be matched. Playing a Stratocaster through a 1959 Fender Bassman amp in a clean and cutting tone, he’s a blistering guitarist. The real deal, a no frills rock n’ roller.”
Richard Glauber, What’s Happening, USA

"The second standout show came from Monti Amundson. Blues traditionalists may challenge these guys as blues artists, but nobody can challenge the talent and energy of axeman Monti Amundson. His on-stage charisma and lightning-quick guitar work had the crowd rockin’ from start to finish. A tight schedule meant no encores, but the shouts of ‘Monti, Monti’ reverberated through the crowd well into Boozoo Chavis’ set on the opposite stage.
Truly electrifying!”

Mike Cronin, Nashville Bluesletter, USA


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