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Danielia Cotton - Rare Child (2008) [flac]
23.07.2009, 11:51

Исполнитель: Danielia Cotton
Альбом: Rare Child
Год выпуска: 2008
Стиль: Rock 
Формат: flac (image, cue, log)
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 39:01
Размер: 251 mb
01. Make U Move Cotton, Devlin, Gaines     3:52
02. Testify Cotton, Devlin, Gaines     3:52
03. Didn't U Cotton, Devlin, Gaines     4:27
04. Bang My Drum Albrink, Cotton     4:15
05. Rare Child Cotton, Devlin, Gaines ...     3:11
06. Running Cotton, Devlin, Gaines     3:36
07. Righteous People Cotton, Jones, Roberts     3:22
08. Dark Desire Conte, Conte     4:00
09. Let It Ride Cotton, Devlin, Gaines ...     4:34
10. Bound Cotton, Devlin, Gonzalez ...     3:47
================================================================[spoyler=Danielia Cotton - Rare Child]Personnel:
Danielia Cotton - Guitars, vocal
Will Kimbrough - Guitar, Guitar (Resonator)
Marc Copely - Guitar
Kareem Devlin - Clapping, Guitar (Electric), Clavinet, Guitar (Acoustic, Slide), Piano, Vocals (Background)
Tom Mandel - Piano, Organ (Pump), Organ, Mellotron
Ross Rice - Organ
Chris Carmichael - Viola, Cello, Violin
Winston Roye - Bass
Keith Golden - Bass
Brad Jones - Bass,  Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals (Background),
John Clancy - Drums, Percussion
Greg Gonzalez - Vocals (Background), Percussion, Tambourine, Clapping, Drums
James Nixon - Vocals (Background)
Barbara Brooks - Vocals (Background)
Kyle "Slick" Johnson - Vocals (Background), Clapping
Danielia Cotton is an American rock, singer, songwriter and guitarist from Hopewell, New Jersey. Her brother-in-law, Daniel Roberts is a playwright and political figure. She is married to Sam Roberts, a New York-based attorney.

   Rock singer, songwriter and guitarist Danielia Cotton draws inspiration from the 1970’s on her sophomore album ‘Rare Child,’ out May 20th on Adrenaline Records/ADA. "My album is a throwback to a time when music was less produced and a little bit more honest, accessible and real,” Cotton says. The Philadelphia Daily News concurs, stating "Danielia's music has the swagger of ‘Let It Bleed’ era Rolling Stones, her singing has the raw emotional power of Janis Joplin and her songwriting places her among the top new musical storytellers.”
    Cotton's natural gift-- raw, searing vocal chops combined with a deep, buttery tone-- draws from the two different rich traditions that she absorbed in her youth: she couldn't get enough of the AC/DC, Zeppelin, and the Stones that her friends and neighbors were listening to but she was also her mother's girl: the daughter of a jazz singer and member of the church gospel choir, grooving to Mavis Staples, Etta James, Billie and Ella.
    Cotton's rock and soul influences have drawn stellar reviews with raves about her "raw intensity” (Essence Magazine), her "soulful voice and searing telecaster” (Time Out NY) and for possessing "the sort of voice for which the phrase `force of nature' was coined” (Austin American-Statesman). Relix magazine named Cotton one of the "5 Artists You Should Know” in 2007 and New York's Amsterdam News proclaimed her "a powerful musician that cannot be ignored.” musicremedy.com


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