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Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters - Now My Soul (2004) [flac]
29.12.2008, 16:43

Исполнитель: Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters
Альбом: Now My Soul
Год выпуска: 2004
Стиль: Blues Rock
Формат: flac (image, cue, log)
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 1:17:13
Размер файла: 468 mb
01. Blues for J   Smith  7:10
02. Double Trouble   Rush  10:40
03. Feel Like Goin On   Earl  6:40
04. Abandoned   Earl  7:16
05. Walkin on the Sea   Jones  6:25
06. Black & White   Drowzdowski, Earl   5:59
07. Kay My Dear   Earl   8:49
08. Maxwell, Mudcat and Per   Earl  4:58
09. My Buddy Buddy Friends   Earl  3:43
10. Walter Through Kim   Horton 5:09
11. #7    Earl, Entress, Limina ...    5:49
12. The Magic of Sam   Earl        3:51
Ronnie Ear - Guitar
Jose Alvarez - Guitar
Kim Wilson - Vocals
Greg Piccolo - Vocals
Dave Limina - Piano, Organ,
Jimmy Mouradian - Bass
Rod Carey – Bass
Lorne Entress - Drums
Silver Leaf Gospel Singers - Vocals
==================================================================[spoiler=Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters - Now My Soul]
   Guitarist Ronnie Earl is an oddity in the blues world - a skilled technician and passionate player equally conversant in several styles of blues and jazz instrumentation, but capable of rocking the house when the moment calls for such. Earl made his bones as a guitarist with the legendary Rhode Island outfit Roomful Of Blues, spending eight years on the road with the band and recording a pair of excellent albums during his tenure. The itch to record his own stuff led to a parallel career as a solo artist and as frontman for the largely instrumental Broadcasters...
    ...Twenty years after leaving Roomful of Blues, and almost as many albums later, Earl has delivered one of his best efforts with Now My Soul. The album features what I call "big band blues," the kind of one-size-fits-all R&B revue popularized by the Blues Brothers films. Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters easily blend Chicago-styled blues with swinging R&B, jump-blues, and red-hot jazz licks influenced more by John Coltrane than by Muddy Waters, creating a free-wheeling instant party atmosphere...
    ...With the energy and experience brought to the task, Now My Soul is one of the most lively and distinctive blues albums that you’ll hear this or any other year. The instrumental pieces hit the bulls-eye dead on; Earl’s unique guitar phrasing and eloquent fretwork complimented by a slightly funky rhythmic undercurrent and keyboardist Limina’s subtle flourishes. "The Magic of Sam" evokes the memory of legendary Chicago guitarslinger Magic Sam while the lengthy "Kay My Dear" brilliantly tells an entire story without a single word sung or spoken...
   ...The blues don’t get any better than this, folks, Now My Soul an instant classic from a true gentleman and artist, Mr. Ronnie Earl, and his excellent band the Broadcasters. (Stony Plain Records) ~ blues.about.com


   Guitarist Ronnie Earl's realization that you don't need a vocalist to sing the blues freed him up to roam across the vernacular music landscape, dipping into jazz, gospel, and soul, and has made him one of the most innovative and interesting musicians working in contemporary blues. It's hardly a radical step, since scores of jazz musicians have been mining the blues for 80 years without vocalists, and in Earl's case it was a natural shift  maybe even an obvious one given that he has often cited John Coltrane as a predominant influence.
   On Now My Soul, his second release from Stony Plain Records, Earl moves a bit back to neutral ground on the vocal issue, with roughly half the tracks featuring singing from either Kim Wilson or Greg Piccolo, and one track, the delightful "Walkin on the Sea," showcases the Silver Leaf Gospel Singers. But the instrumental pieces are the most powerful, allowing Earl's inherent jazz sensibilities to surface, and as an ensemble player, he shines...
    ...Of the vocal pieces, a cover of Otis Rush's "Double Trouble" works best, with Wilson's singing and ghostly harmonica runs slipping in and out of a wonderfully ominous and atmospheric soundscape.
   An untitled 13th track finds Earl sincerely thanking God, friends, and fans for the privilege of playing, and it touches on his battles with manic depression, diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Perhaps that's what comes through in the best moments on this album that sense of joyous deliverance Earl's guitar playing reaches when the blues becomes a vehicle of release and transcendence and he takes himself (and his audience) to a place where the pain drops away. In the end, the blues isn't about pain at all. It's about what resides (to quote Blind Willie Johnson) in the soul of a man, and what he chooses to do with it. For that you really don't need words. ~ Steve Leggett, cduniverse.com


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  Файл удален.... Варианты есть?

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  Да - сказать волшебное слово ab

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