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Ian Siegal Band - Meat & Potatoes (2005) [flac]
10.02.2013, 01:09

Исполнитель: Ian Siegal Band
Альбом: Meat & Potatoes
Год выпуска: 2005
Стиль: Blues
Формат: flac (image, cue, log)
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 1:08:21
Размер файла: 419 mb
01. Sugar Rush
02. Revelator (John The Apostle)
03. Butter-Side Up
04. Drowned By Sorrows (But THey Sure Learned How To Swim)
05. Brandy Balloon
06. Work
07. She Got The Devil In Her-I Gotta Try You Now Baby
08. Interlude #1; Cookin’ Wit
09. Falling On Down Again
10. Bloodshot
11. Interlude #2; Mud Pie
12. Magdalena
13. Meat & Potatoes
Ian Siegal - vocals, acoustic/electric and National Steel Guitar
Matt Schofield - electric guitar
Jonny Henderson - hammond C3 organ, Wurlitzer
Giles King - harmonica
Andy Graham - electric and upright bass
Nikolaj Bjerre - drums and percussion
  All tracks written by Ian Siegal, except "Work" written by Harrison/Siegal.  She Got The Devil In Her/I Gotta Try You Baby: Written by Davis/Kimborough (additional lyrics and arranged by Siegal)
...Urban-Psychedelic Blues...
====================================================================[spoiler=Ian Siegal - A Bigger Plate Of Meat & Potatoes]
   Born in the deep south (of England!) in 1971, Ian's earliest musical memories are of the likes of Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis and Chuck Berry, but it was on hearing the great Little Richard that he really caught the music bug and became nothing short of obsessive about it. This lead him into a life-long passion for the Blues and all of its various branches, and most of all, the man he calls "God" - the inimitable Muddy Waters.
   At 16 he began to roadie occasionally for his cousin's band and one night, quite unexpectedly, he was asked to sing. The result was a blown-away audience and a delighted (and rather surprised!) young vocal talent with a long career ahead of him.
   It was 2 years later that he picked up a guitar and taught himself to play, listening to the likes of Muddy, B.B King, Robert Cray and Albert Collins. At 20 he dropped out of Art college and travelled to Berlin, busking for a living. This is where he says his playing dramatically improved as, if he didn't make money, he didn't eat! By the time he returned to England he knew that a career in music was the only one for him...
...His "Meat & Potatoes” CD released in April 2005 sees Ian returning to his roots with an album of powerful urban Blues, which he describes as "stripped down, mean and moody and as close as you can get to our live performances”. For this recording he augmented his core trio sound with upcoming Brit guitar maestro, Matt Schofield (who also produced the album), and Jonny Henderson on Hammond organ. This album has drawn widespread praise and put Ian firmly on the map on both sides of the Atlantic... radioscreamer.com


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