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Front Page - Front Page (2000) [flac]
23.11.2010, 19:39

Исполнитель: Front Page
Альбом: Front Page
Год выпуска: 2000
Стиль: Fusion, Jazz
Формат: flac (image, cue, log)
Битрейт:  lossless
Время звучания: 54:53
Размер файла: 340 mb
01. Intro Jingle/The First Step  Di Piazza  6:07
02. Front Page  Chambers, Lagrene  4:57
03. Maria Tcha Tcha  Di Piazza  4:15
04. The Eyes of Jesus Christ  Di Piazza  5:45
05. D.B.DChambers, Di Piazza, Lagrene  3:47
06. Valbourne Song  Boye  4:15
07. Dinello  Di Piazza, Lagrene  1:10
08. Living Hope  Di Piazza  5:08
09. Chutes Libres  Lagrene  2:31
10. Zoe's Little Waltz  Lagrene  4:27
11. Timothee  Lagrene  5:04
12. I Wait for the Lord  Di Piazza  2:45
13. Joseph  Lagrene  4:37
Bireli lagrene - Guitar   
Diminique Di Plaza – Bass
Dennis Chambers - Drums
[spoyler=Front Page]
The trio Front Page is composed of three virtuoso musicians: guitarist Bireli Lagrene, drummer Dennis Chambers and bass player Dominique Di Piazza. 
Three musicians there is no need to introduce any-more, who each have an international career.



Bireli Lagrene was born in 1966, in France. His father is guitarist, and Bireli   starts to play guitar really young. At 13, he records his first album under his name, "Routes To Django”, in tribute to Django Reinhardt. Still a teenager, he tours with Benny Carter, Benny Goodman, Stephane Grappelli... He has also played with the French accordionist Richard Galliano, and in duo with the French guitarist Sylvain Luc. A "guitar phenomenon", according to John McLaughlin, he came to prominence in the 1980s via his manouche (django-like) style. He often performs within the swing, jazz fusion and post bop mediums.


Dominique Di Piazza, born in Lyon, France in 1959, is an electric bass player, was noticed and hired by John McLaughlin, when he was playing in Laurent Cugny’s big band ... Though of Sicilian heritage, Di Piazza was raised among gipsys in France. Di Piazza discovered the bass in 1979 - largely due to the influence of Jaco Pastorius, who was playing with Weather Report at the time. Already a self-taught guitarist, Di Piazza developed a distinctive, but unorthodox 'closed palm' technique of picking with the right hand thumb, index, and middle fingers, giving him a speed not often heard in electric bass players. He participated to the recordings of : in 1990 - "Standards” Bireli Lagrene, in 1992 - "Que Alegria” John McLaughlin, in 1993...
before disappearing from the music scene for many years, and doing his come back with "Front Page”.


Dennis Chambers was born (1959) in Baltimore in the States. He starts to learn the   drums when he is 4 and becomes professional at 16. He starts his career in the funk group, Parliament/Funkadelic, before laying in fusion bands. He has played with Mike Stern, David Sanborn, Bil Evans, Stanley Clarke, Michael and Randy Brecker, John McLaughlin...
   He has recorded several albums under his name: "Getting Even”, "Outbreak", "Boston T Party", "Planet Earth".


Interview realised in collaboration with Geraldine Martin [Agora FM 90.4] at the MJC Altitude 500 in Grasse, November 25th 2000.

How is born the trio "Front Page” [Bireli Lagrene, guitar -  Dominique Di Piazza, bass - Dennis Chambers, drums], as well as the album of the same name?

Bireli Lagrene: "There was a first encoun-ter in 1992, near Bordeaux, with the same musicians... it was not a planned concert, it was just like that. Following this encounter, we had the idea, a few years later, to reform this same group... it ex-ists now since about a year."

The trio is called Front Page, and so is your new album distributed by Universal... Why "Front Page"?

Bireli Lagrene: "We thought it sounded good, that's all. It's fun, short, and easy to remember."

Both of you [Bireli Lagrene and Dominique Di Piazza] have composed most of the songs of the album Front Page [excepted for "Valbonne Song" composed by  Chris Boyer], how did you work?

Dominique Di Piazza: "In fact, I think that each of us has brought his songs... and also, because we know the other person, we bring compositions based on that, knowing it will work straight away.... We bring the melody, the chords, and we trust the talent of the others..."[/spoyler]

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