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Marc Ford - Weary and Wired (2007) [flac]
21.03.2012, 00:56

Исполнитель: Marc Ford
Альбом: Weary and Wired
Год выпуска: 2007
Стиль: Rock, Blues-Rock  
Формат: flac (image, cue, log) 
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 1:06:07
Размер: 453 mb
01. Featherweight Dreamland Ford 3:15
02. Don't Come Around Ford 3:41
03. It'll Be Over Soon Ford 3:05
04. Dirty Girl Ford   3:03
05. The Other Side Bingham 2:51
06. 1000 Ways Ford, Ford 4:02
07. Smoke Signals Ford, Russell 8:25
08. Greazy Chicken Ford 5:59
09. Currents Ford     6:03
10. Just Take the Money Ford  2:51
11. Medicine Time Ford  4:03
12. The Same Thing Dixon  8:43
13. Running Man Blues Ford 2:42
14. Bye Bye Suzy Ford  2:57
15. The Big Callback Ford  3:29
Marc Ford - guitar, background vocals
Mike Malone - Hammond b-3 organ
Afton - organ
Muddy - bass guitar
Elijah Ford - bass guitar
Doni Gray - drums
Aaron West - saxophone
Will Artope - trumpet
Doni Ford, Kirsten Ford - background vocals
Chris Lizotte - background vocals
Scott Owen - background vocals
Joel Owen - background vocals
===============================================================[spoyler=Marc Ford - Weary and Wired]
   Weary and Wired, the new release from ex (once again) Black Crowes guitarist extraordinaire, Marc Ford, is all over the place in style and influence, and overflowing with melody and vibrant guitar tone.

   Ford’s vocal nuance evokes Chris Robinson in places. He doesn’t really sound like him, but it’s easy to imagine Robinson singing the melody to much of the material. There’s a lot more lead guitar and improvisation on this CD than on Crowes records. And again, many influences are prevalent, like the obvious punk vibe in opener ‘Featherweight Dreamland’ and Neil Young presence in ‘Smoke Signals’. Keep in mind that these are comparable influences I’m talking about, as the album is fresh, and completely Marc Ford in essence...

   Weary and Wired is an extraordinary collection of songs, and that’s coming from a fan who would usually rather hear Ford alongside the Robinson Brothers and the rest of the Black Crowes than in any other setting. His current sobriety, supposedly the main reason for leaving the Crowes, appears to be paying off, as his guitar playing is top notch. His voice is mediocre, yet listenable and easy on the ears. Weary and Wired is more laid back and less extravagant than It’s About Time, his previous effort, and most of the recording is done as a trio. Nevertheless, if you liked the first one, chances are you’ll like this one as well. Though fresh, lively, and very American sounding, the essence of pure rock and roll is its most unique quality...


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