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Steve Fister - Deeper Than the Blues (2008) [flac]
07.03.2010, 21:40

Исполнитель: Steve Fister
Альбом: Deeper Than the Blues
Год выпуска: 2008
Стиль: Rock, Blues Rock
Формат: flac (image, cue, log)
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 45:09
Размер файла: 325 mb
01. You Gotta Live
02. I Just Wanna Scream
03. Could Would Ashoulda
04. Found out the Hard Way
05. Can't Always Get What You Want - Steve Fister, Walter Trout    
06. Deeper Than the Blues    
07. Rise Above    
08. Funky Shonuff
09. Come Together
10. Last of Me
Steve Fister - guitars, vocal
Walter Trout - guitar solo on 5
Philip Bynoe - bass
Barend Courbois - bass
Fernando Raio - bass
Hans in't Zandt - drums
Sandro Feliciano - drums
John Levesqe, Brent Hoffort - vocals (bckgr)
==================================================================[spoyler=Steve Fister - Deeper Than the Blues]
   On his latest release, guitarist/singer, Steve Fister ventures deeper into the blues with aggressive licks, direct and honest vocals and an uncharacteristic, yet appealing, rough edge. Several blues rockers in recent years have put out their first one or two solid albums that everybody in their fan bases like, and then suddenly "branch out" in a "new direction", with disastrous results. Not Steve Fister.
   He knows what we like, and he just keeps serving more of what works. On 'Deeper Than The Blues', Steve Fister gives us 8 original tunes and 2 amazing covers that rock. His versatile and imaginative playing though, makes every song a new experience. He has a powerful yet smooth voice that is classic blues style trades off with guitar runs. "You Gotta Live" is groove laden mover that will have your adrenaline pumping in no time flat. Followed up with the mid-tempo "I Just Wanna Scream". Steve's take on the Stones' classic, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is amazing. While on the Beatles' classic, "Come Together", he definitely gets his mojo on. Steve Fister's musical skills are simply off the chart. He makes his guitar an extension of himself, expressing his voice as easily with his instrument as others can their voices.
   Taking blues based rock to the next level. Building a bridge with a blues foundation to all genres of rock. 'Deeper Than The Blues' showcases Steve Fister's exceptional talent as a guitarist and is sure to be one of the finest blues rock albums released this year. - The Atomic Chaser (2008)


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