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Craig Erickson - Shine (2001) [flac]
22.03.2009, 00:49

Исполнитель: Craig Erickson
Альбом: Shine
Год выпуска: 2001
Стиль: Blues Rock
Формат: flac
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 1:08:44
Размер файла: 440 mb
01. Businessman
02. Familiar
03. Desperate
04. Remember Now
05. Wild Dogs
06. Break Free
07. Bus Stop
08. Shine
09. Doomsday Blues
10. Till The Sun Shines
11. Broke Down Love
12. Angel
13. Beautiful Venus
Craig Erickson - guitars, vocals, bass & keyboards
Rob Lamothe - vocals (on 2, 3, 4, 8, 11, 12)
Glenn Hughes - vocals (on 5)
Al Robinson - bass (on 1)
Lisa Winn - background vocals (on 8)
David Morgan - drums (on 1)
Cody Collins - drums (on 2, backing vocals on 6, 7)
Johnnie Bolin - drums (on 5)
Kerri Collins - drums
===================================================================[spoyler=Craig Erickson - Shine]
   @Shine@, is the fifth solo album from blues/ rock "axeslinger supreme” CRAIG ERICKSON and finds the guitarist taking his guitar to new limits and exploring his musical roots even deeper than his previous efforts.
   Shine is the first release for Craig on GROOVEYARD RECORDS, a new label dedicated to "pure heavy guitar beauty for the new millennium” and is a departure from his four previous solo discs on the BBI / SHRAPNEL label. The CRAIG ERICKSON PROJECT features two amazing special guest vocalists in the form of GLENN HUGHES and ROB LAMOTHE, two of the greatest rock vocalists of our time. The "legendary" GLENN HUGHES graces the disc with his awesome vocal power and he sings his ass off on a soulful "righteous" version of WILD DOGS by TOMMY BOLIN complete with brother Johnny Bolin on drums. Glenn used to play with Tommy in Deep Purple and the track is dedicated to Tommy Bolin as a true "musical brotherhood" statement of the highest order. One listen and you'll agree that Wild Dogs was the perfect choice.
   Shine also features the amazing soulful vocals of ROB LAMOTHE (ex-Riverdogs) on 6 trax, including the title track and a chilling "stripped down" version of ANGEL by JIMI HENDRIX which is dedicated to THE MAN. Angel is one of the most perfect songs ever written and we "wind down" the disc with this beautiful track as a "final peace". Both our good musical brother's, Craig and Rob "shine" on Angel... ROB LAMOTHE is one of the greatest vocalists we have ever heard...he sings with untold passion and soul.

On Shine, it's all about musical influence and inspiration and brother Craig pays homage to all of our favorite guitar heroes. The disc is definitely highly recommended for fans of vintage ROBIN TROWER, FRANK MARINO, ERIC GALES, ERIC JOHNSON, TOMMY BOLIN and the "one and only” JIMI HENDRIX ... (just to name a few).

..."Long live the musical spirit of Jimi Hendrix and Tommy Bolin"...

    The disc runs 68 minutes and features 13 tracks of top-shelf soulful bluesy hard rock / heavy guitar with style and class, complete with songs and vocals to match.
    Shine is a dazzling, blues-based, heavy guitar roller coaster ride and a diverse collection of serious heavy guitar moves from this outstanding, gifted guitarist that "outshines” the norm. Whether it's a hard-assed get-down power trio lead ripper, a heavy minor blues riff groove, a slow blues burner or a melodic, bluesy ballad, Craig makes it all his own. You can't deny his vast creative talent and style.
    Craig Erickson makes his mark on Shine and deserves international exposure on every level. ~ grooveyardrecords.com


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