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Shane Theriot - The Grease Factor (2003) [flac]
13.05.2017, 12:16

Исполнитель: Shane Theriot
Альбом: The Grease Factor
Год выпуска: 2003
Стиль: Fusion, Rock, Funk
Формат: flac (image, cue, log)
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 51:26
Размер файла: 326 mb
01. Little Hat
02. Swish
03. Zodiac
04. Shrimp Boots
05. Dublin
06. Mr. Longhair
07. The Apartment
08. Slow
09. Woody
10. Zydefaux
11. Dear Ellen
Shane Theriot - guitar
Johnny Neel - keyboards
Steve Conn - accordion
Jeff Coffin- sax
Mark Mullins - trombone
Kirk Joseph - tuba
Adam Nitti, Victor Wooten, Tony Hall, David Johnson - bass
Jeff Sipe, John Vidavocich, Russell Batiste, David Northrup, Doug Belote - drums
Kiyoshi Tamai - vocals
Manny Yates - percussion
==================================================================[spoyler=Shane Theriot - The Grease Factor]
   With this followup to the highly acclaimed debut "Hwy 90", Shane Theriot has raised the bar of modern funk/rock guitar. Packed with melodic but ripping solos and simply killer guitar tones, Theriot goes right for the throat on this one, hitting heavier than on Hwy 90, but with one foot still planted in his native Louisiana soil. Compositionally there is much here to latch on to and the tunes are driven home by an all-star cast... ~ cduniverse.com

    Shane Theriot follows up his debut release, Highway 90, with his second album, The Grease Factor, that cranks it up a notch from his original release. Theriot adds a slew of veteran progressive / fusion talent to the lineup for this release including Victor Wooten, Jeff Sipe, and Jeff Coffin, among others. Shane reembarks on his stylistic venture into his unique brand of New Orleans cajun fusion, this time with more aggressive, fusion-ish playing and speedy segments than his previous effort. Theriot's most significant accomplishment on this CD is his establishment of a distinctively unique style of music that distinguishes him clearly from other artists. Theriot's blend of his native Louisiana musical stylisms, classic jazz harmonization, and tasteful fusion are integrated with a seamless ease that gives the listener the a sense of natural familiarity with this unusual style... ~ chrisruel.com

  When taken seriously, "supergroups” have the potential to coagulate musically, but they traditionally implode typically on stage from competing egos. However, when comprised of like-minded supporting players with diverse backgrounds rather than a pack of alpha dogs, the promise quotient multiplies exponentially. Grease Factor is comprised of five instrumentalists whose experience covers a range of genres, featuring guitarist Shane Theriot (Neville Brothers), keyboardist Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers, Willie Nelson), drummer Jeff Sipe (Leftover Salmon, Susan Tedeschi), bassist Derek Jones (Nickel Creek, David Grisman), and legendary percussionist Count M’Butu (Parliament Funkadelic). Roots rock, blues, southern Delta boogie, and New Orleans swamp funk swirl into a groove-heavy blend with a balance of tight improvisation and nimble composition... ~ metropulse.com


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