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The Griff Hamlin Band - The Griff Hamlin Band (2002) [flac]
04.03.2012, 21:30

Исполнитель: The Griff Hamlin Band
Альбом: The Griff Hamlin Band
Год выпуска: 2002
Стиль: Blues Rock
Формат: flac (image, cue, log)
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 41:21
Размер файла: 289 mb
01. Don't Lie  04:45
02. Louisiana Holiday  04:59
03. Coming Home  03:24
04. Running on  04:59
05. Morality  03:14
06. G-String Shuffle  05:53
07. Got to End  03:49
08. When Evil Comes  05:22
09. Where Would I Begin  05:15
10. Louisiana Holiday (Reprise)  04:17
Griff Hamlin - guitar, vocal
Mark Smith - bass
Dave Goode - drums
Tom Badley - keyboards
Charisse Ingram - backing vocal
[spoyler=The Griff Hamlin Band]
    Every blues artist has the honor of paying tribute to those who have come before him, yet the duty to make a new contribution to this art form known as the blues. The Griff Hamlin Band wears it's influences proudly on its proverbial sleeve. Great and timeless blues artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Freddie King, John Lee Hooker, and BB King, can be heard throughout this powerful music.
    The difference is that The Griff Hamlin Band has taken this music to a new level, and a new audience. You've heard many new guitarslingers come along as "The Next SRV," but how many have really kept your attention after the first few songs? You feel like you've heard one, you've heard them all. With this band, every song is a new trip, with it's own story to tell.

   In 2001, after an exhausting year in the studio, The Griff Hamlin Band's self-titled CD was released. Griff Hamlin's love for music, guitar specifically, began at the age of 9 when he started his first guitar lessons. By the age of 12, Griff was enthralled with the likes of AC/DC, Andres Segovia, Joe Satriani and Randy Rhoads, and considers these some of his first big influences. Entering adulthood the Blues were sinuous in his blood, and the sounds of Blues big names such as, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Scott Henderson, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, and BB King, were sounding out from his guitar. The Griff Hamlin Band made its debut in 1993 and played steadily in Orange County for three years.
   In 1996 some members of the band decided to pursue other musical opportunities. While separated, each member found success with various projects, and occasionally found time to play a show for enthusiastic audiences all over Southern California. With the 2001 release of "The Griff Hamlin Band," the group turned on the heat and began touring and playing at a whirlwind pace which they still maintain in support of this album. Another album is in the works, and a constant performing schedule is a given.

Какой же он Гриф,.. Орел!! - да и только :)


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Категория: Blues | Добавил: dmitrych2 | Теги: griff hamlin band, Dan Patlansky, Scotty Meyer Band
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1 | Kocegub | Alexey (23.12.2009 | 16:12)[Материал]
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  Дмитрий ay отличная команда - всем рекомендую fm

2 | oldrum | Виктор (24.12.2009 | 09:46)[Материал]
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  Спасибо, dmitrych2 ! Очень симпатично.

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