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Donna Hopkins Band - Donna Hopkins Band_Live (2005)
21.02.2012, 17:13

Исполнитель: Donna Hopkins Band
Альбом: Donna Hopkins Band Live
Год выпуска: 2005
Стиль: Rock, Blues Rock
Формат: mp3
Битрейт: 320
Время звучания: 1:01:21
Размер файла: 138 mb
01. In Spite of Yourself      
02. Dirty Alabama Road    
03. Don't Ask Why      
04. Let Love Go    
05. Everything Money Can't Buy
06. Free To Go      
07. U-Haul You Back    
08. Thunderin' In The Thickets    
09. Meet Me In The River    
10. Anything    
11. Hit Me
Donna Hopkins - guitar and vocals
Brian Ashley Jones - bass
Richie Jones - drums
Спасибо товарищу Larin_у !
===================================================================[spoyler=Donna Hopkins Band_Live]
   Recorded in Atlanta on March 18th, 2005, this show managed to capture the essence of what DHB is all about. This is their first live album and is a must have for all southern blues fans. Check out the samples and then get busy!
   An amazing musical force from Atlanta, GA she combines the elements of blues and rock into a powerful trio. Influences range from Susan Tedeschi to Derek Trucks to the Allman Brothers and with her wailing guitar leads and soulful voice her style and substance can eclipse even the most lofty influence.


Donna Hopkins is a force of nature.

   Long a part of the Atlanta music scene, the Donna Hopkins Band is poised to break out with their second album, Donna Hopkins Band - Live. Donna's music comes straight from her heart - southern roots music from a woman's point of view...
...The power of a three-piece band is nowhere more evident than in a live setting, so it was only natural for Donna to choose this element for her follow-up record. A sold-out crowd at Smith's Olde Bar greeted the Donna Hopkins Band last March in Atlanta, and warm energy filled the air. The first cut is "In Spite of Yourself," written by Donna after the Iraq invasion. It's a funky, hard-rocking message song and the three musicians quickly make a statement - they have come to play hard!
    Donna's gutsy vocals and crisp guitar are real attention grabbers. Mixed perfectly with Richie's punchy percussion and Brian's in-your-face bass at butt-kicking volume, Donna's tone is Mulish, raw and raunchy - sort of a "Gov't Hopkins..."
...Donna Hopkins is a diminutive woman with a big voice - and an even bigger heart. The Donna Hopkins Band is a tight, cohesive trio whose music transcends boundaries. Donna Hopkins Band - Live is a CD that will reward the listener each time it is played and belongs in every music lover's collection.  ~ cduniverse.com


   The Donna Hopkins Band is exploding on the Atlanta music scene. Donna and her band mates have attained a special kind of synergy that so many strive for it is this level of communication that makes them stand out. Their debut album, Free To Go, received glowing reviews such as: "one gritty, sizzling debut that’ll play well to all kinds of roots-oriented listeners,” Tom Clarke, King Biscuit Times; and "Southern-fried soul. It’s a rare commodity that can’t be bought, traded, created, or faked.
… a rough-hewn but beautifully produced set of predominantly original tunes that could only have been conceived by someone who breathes the humid Georgia air; you can practically see the kudzu, smell the grits, and taste the tangy barbecue in the songs,”   ~ Blues Review, Hal Horowitz.


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