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Tribal Tech - Face First (1993) [flac]
20.12.2009, 17:43

Исполнитель: Tribal Tech
Альбом: Face First
Год выпуска: 1993
Стиль: Fusion
Формат: flac (image, cue, log)
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 1:10:20
Размер файла: 438 mb
01. Face First (Willis) - 7:03
02. Canine (Willis) - 6:20
03. After Hours (Kinsey) - 7:21
04. Revenge Stew (Henderson) - 6:03
05. Salt Lick (Henderson) - 9:44
06. Uh...Yeah Ok (Tribal Tech) - 6:41
07. The Crawling Horror (Henderson) - 7:45
08. Boiler Room (Covington) - 1:34
09. Boat Gig (Henderson) - 5:57
10. Precipice (Willis) - 6:13
11. Wounded (Willis) - 5:39
Scott Henderson - Guitar, Vocals (bckgr)
Scott Kinsey - Keyboards, Vocals (bckgr)
Gary Willis - Bass, Vocals (bckgr)
Kirk Covington - Drums, Vocals
Brett Garsed - Vocals (bckgr)
Cheryl Graul - Vocals (bckgr)
Dana Sue Collins - Vocals (bckgr)
[spoyler=Face First]   Although it was their sixth album overall, Tribal Tech's 1993 release, Face First, was only the second to feature the still-existing lineup of guitarist Scott Henderson, bassist Gary Willis, keyboardist Scott Kinsey, and drummer Kirk Covington. Previously, Henderson and Willis had juggled lineups and eased further away from traditional jazz toward improvisational fusion through the 1985-1991 albums Spears, Dr. Hee, Nomad, and Tribal Tech. But the quartet of musical leftists gelled on Face First, improving on its promising 1992 debut, Illicit. Henderson's solo on the opening title track — over a percolating Willis bassline — shows the guitarist's range of influences from Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix to Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Funk pieces like "Canine" and "Uh...Yeah OK" show glimpses of the group's future, all-improvised CDs; hummingbird-quick drummer Covington's lead vocal on the cover-band farce "Boat Gig" set the stage for Henderson"'s solo blues debut the next year. In between, synth-master Kinsey's jazzy "After Hours" and Henderson's New Orleans-tinged "Revenge Stew" provide thought-provoking rest areas — necessary because of breathtaking ten-minute thrill rides like the blues, bop, and beyond of "Salt Lick." Willis' Weather Report-like "The Precipice" and "Wounded" ease you to the finish of Face First, the album that made a statement that Henderson, Willis, and company have not yet begun to finish.
Scott Henderson is the man!:
Tribal Tech are: Gary Willis on bass, Scott Henderson on guitar, Scott Kinsey on keyboards, and Kirk Covington on drums/percussion.
   Tribal Tech are a jazz-fusion band of the highest caliber. This album "Face First" is the first album I heard by Tribal Tech and it is just nonstop, pee-in-your pants awesome music. When I heard the solo Scott Henderson did on the opening song "Face First" is just incredible.
   Hearing him I just want to rip my head off, because this man is just so talented and plays so intelligently I just am in awe. I mean Allan Holdsworth needs to take some pointers from Scott, because this man knows how to phrase, rip, and soar.
   I am sorry if someone disagrees with that statement, but that is the cold, harsh truth. Scott Henderson needs to be in the pantheon of guitar greats like Pat Metheny, Eric Johnson, and Al Di Meola. He is just as good as them, but he has a different style of playing of course. This album should be purchased if you enjoy intense jazz-fusion or if you want to hear another influencial guitar virtuoso of the past decade than look no further than Tribal Tech. This is Scott playing with Tech at his best I think. Oh and if you like this album I highly recommend "Illicit" and "Reality Check." Both are just as good or if not better in some ways.


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