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Sena Ehrhardt - Leave The Light On (2011) [flac]
01.03.2012, 01:39

Исполнитель: Sena Ehrhardt
Альбом: Leave The Light On
Год выпуска: 2011
Стиль: Blues Rock
Формат: flac (tracks)
Битрейт: lossless
Время звучания: 40:04
Размер файла: 266 mb
01. My Bad
02. Leave The Light On
03. On The Clock
04. Lovers Can't Be Friends
05. The Best Thing
06. Same Team
07. Last Chance
08. You're The One
09. Hear Me
10. Fool Out Of Me

All songs by Sena & Ed

Sena Ehrhardt - vocals
Ed Ehrhardt - guitar
Steve Hansen - bass
Tim Hasler - drums
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===================================================================[spoyler=Sena Ehrhardt - Leave The Light On]
   Sena Ehrhardt is unquestionably one of the freshest and most dynamic young voices on the blues scene today. Once the lights come on, her commanding stage presence and gritty, soulfully emotional vocal prowess capture the audience, belying her youthful, demure appearance. The buzz about Sena is poised to go nationwide as word is getting out about her incendiary performances at clubs and festivals across the upper Midwest, and people get a chance to hear her brilliant debut recording, "Leave The Light On."
    Sena was born and raised in a house of blues. Through years of playing music in clubs and juke joints, her guitarist father, Ed Ehrhardt, laid the groundwork for a love of blues that eventually lead to the formation of the Sena Ehrhardt Band. Sena has taken those influences and several years of experience to forge her own personal and intelligent take on the blues.
    Though her band's repertoire includes a wide range of blues, soul and funk cover tunes, Sena chose to record ten original compositions that she co-wrote with her father for "Leave The Light On." Her songs are fresh and incisive, delivered in a style that moves effortlessly from sultry to declarative to passionately forceful...

"From track to track, Ehrhardt establishes that she is capable of crooning softly or wailing with the best of them. The Sena Ehrhardt Band are going to make a lot of waves in the blues world and her new album is just the first ripple in a widening ocean of blues from this band...one of the hottest new blues outfits in the country."
~ Blues Revue

"Sena Ehrhardt has a bright, soulful sound, and she doesn't hold back-she can go from sultry and coaxing to gritty and gusty in an instant. With Leave the Light On the Sena Ehrhardt Band should get the attention of blues lovers as well as a mainstream audience that appreciates good songwriting and music with a feeling."
~ Living Blues

"The youthful Minneapolis-based singer hits the blues turf running on her debut disc and serves up a captivating set of simultaneous fire and ice...a set of originals as fresh sounding as the voice that delivers them. Make way for a rising star."
- Jazz & Blues Report

"Sena is a powerful, shake dress wearin', hip shakin',
muscle bound, high heel wearin, I'm gonna take this thing to the max type woman."

~ Jacquie "Lady J" Maddix- KFAI Radio Minneapolis

Sena is a very striking performer who has it all going on.
She is a great vocalist who really knows how to put her all into a performance.
She is a real knock-out and her father Ed Ehrhardt is a fantastic guitar player...

~ Bob Kieser, Blues Blast Magazine- August, 2010

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1 | Kocegub | Alexey (29.02.2012 | 23:38)[Материал]
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  есть ведь полноценный цельным образом снятый рип со сканами с оригинала ai не зацепила, совсем...вероятно, Свин не только ослеп, но и оглох ac

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  Человек послал в таком виде. bn
Там у девочки есть потенциал - голос хороший. артистизм придет. гитарист-папа в нескольких местах (сейчас не могу копаться) очень хорош. нестандартно излагает ay

3 | Kocegub | Alexey (03.03.2012 | 00:38)[Материал]
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  к слову про переслушать)) переслушал: неплохо пошло, если проскочит начало (а то долго запрягает) то в целом потом начинаешь получать удовольствие...папа Эд больше внутрь работает что ли, не выплёскивает вовне (сам не понял чё сказал)...да вообще на полутонах почти всё...девушке не хватает уверенности, опыта, ну и конечно обложка ai тому, кто на БлиндПиге за дизайн офрмления отвечал стоило бы руки вырвать ag

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